COVID-19 Health & Safety Operating & Delivery Protocol

Health & Safety
Operating & Delivery Protocol

It has been a consistent priority to maintain the cleanliness of our workspace and work tools and have doubled down on sanitization to combat COVID-19. This includes re-enforcing CDC and WHO virus prevention practices.


We have requested for members of staff who are vulnerable to take immediate leave and have asked for anyone with cold or flu like symptoms to stay home.

Department Isolation

Some departments are prepared to work offsite. Departments within the building are separated to enforce social distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff members who are on the front-line coordinating and delivering use medical grade masks and gloves. Hand sanitizers are provided for in house staff and are in all vehicles. Vehicles are sanitized daily with industrial grade disinfectants.

Immune Support

Staff members are provided with immune support supplements to help in the fight against contracting COVID-19 and other viruses.

Staff Health And Safety Protocol Practice & Training

All existing staff and all new staff have had and will have mandatory health and safety practice training session.

Training Covers:
- Employee Screening Test
- Employee sanitization practice at workplace
- How to properly wear and dispose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
- Employee work tool sanitization
- Vehicle sanitization
- Employee health & safety interaction while in the process of serving
- Employee department social isolation
- Employee reporting symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19
- Employee breach reporting
- Employee adherence to health & safety protocol practice and consequences of breach.

Staff Health And Safety Protocol Practice Enforcement & Reminders

Signs are strategically placed throughout workspace and in vehicles to remind employees of Health & Safety Protocol Practice.
Appointed Health and Safety Coordinators are assigned to re-enforce protocols implemented.

Cleaning And Disinfecting Workspace And Tool

Our maintained workplace and tools promote health and hygiene and reduces the spread of viruses and diseases.

Our restroom facilities were built to code of Cayman Islands Planning Department and ensures the accessibility and sufficiency of safe space for employees’ hygienic upkeep.

EPA approved chemicals and equipment are mandated in our strict cleaning and disinfecting routine. Cleaning staff work by the code of a detailed cleaning procedure manual that must be adhered to.

Our practices protect against hazardous exposure to chemicals, cross contamination, viral and bacterial accumulation, and promotes a healthy environment for the wellness of staff, clients, associates and the general public.

Safe Delivery

Delivery to door or curbside is a CONTACT FREE operation planned and implemented that supports social distancing and the #stayhomecayman campaign.

It enables individual access to supplies while adhering to social isolation, and quarantine. It provides for the needs of people while safeguarding the general health and wellness of the population.