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Terms and conditions:
  1. A 4% processing fee will apply to order total in excess of CI$225.00
  2. Orders received by 7pm daily will be delivered next day by 6pm.
  3. Include specific brand as necessary and substitute brand if preferred brand is not available.
  4. Some items in your cart may be left back as budget deposited may be insufficient. All payment must be done online.
  5. If your order is below budget, a refund will be made to your card within 48 hours of your delivery. A copy of the receipt will be provided to you.
  6. All delivery is to door. There will be no contact with drivers. Please refer to our COVID-19 Operations and Delivery Protocol Here.
  7. NCI is not responsible for allergic reactions, shelf life of products, or quality of product purchased. NCI will choose items based on guide provided for description, brand and alternative brand preferred and will not be responsible for products purchased resulting from mis-guided detail submitted. Please review your cart carefully to verify order details.
  8. NCI will be subject to product limitation and can only purchase quantities allowed.

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