Air freight

Air freight


Our air freight shipments arrive twice weekly and are tailored to benefit both the personal and commercial E-Commerce shopper.
Our staff is professional, and is trained to focus on ensuring the proper logistics of your purchases to your door. Our rates are competitive, and we can proudly boast our service features of:

  • Consolidation: Holds several shipments at our warehouse in Miami and ships them together. This saves on overall shipping, handling charges, duty fees and government taxes.
  • Repacking: reduces the size of a single box; lowering shipping fees.
  • NCI Secure Cargo Insurance: provides security of your purchases that received damaged, short or destroyed in transit. Customers will be reimbursed for full value of item(s) and duty fees paid (where applicable).

How to Get Started?

Sign up for a free account. You will be provided with a personalized account number and a shipping address to send your purchases to.

How it Works?

  1. Use the air freight address provided as your ship to address. We can also pickup your purchases at residential or suppliers’ location. See International Logistics page for details.
  2. We will receive your purchases at this address and ship to Cayman.
  3. We will clear customs and have your purchases available for pickup or delivery to your door.


Rates ate subject to change without notice.

Service item Cost
Freight CI $4.05 per lb. Actual weight or dimensional weight whichever is greater
Handling CI $8.00 per shipment
Insurance CI $5.00 for value up to US$400.00
CI $18.00 for value up to US$800.00
CI $25.00 for value up to US$1230.00
To be calculated for value over US$1230.00
Consolidation (requested or automatic) CI $12.00 for up to 5 pieces
CI $2.50 per piece over 5 pieces
Repacking CI $12.50
Government duty and taxes To be determined Dependent on type and value of shipment and total pieces in shipment

Estimate freight charge

Calculate dimensional weight, input shipping dimensions.
Greater of dimensional weight vs shipping weight = chargeable weight
Apply chargeable weight to published rate to estimate freight charges.
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Things to know

Air Freight Shipments

Arrive every Tuesday and Thursday. Cut off time for each flight is every Friday & Tuesday respectively. Arrival day and time is not guarantee.

Prohibited Air Freight Shipments

Dangerous Goods and Hazmat Shipments and items prohibited by law should not be sent via airfreight. Description of Dangerous Goods- Hazmat Shipments may include acidic, caustic, combustible, compressed gas, corrosive, explosive, infections, inflammable, poison, radioactive, refrigerated, toxic, volatile. Common items are perfumes, batteries and items pressurized receptacle.

Chargeable Weight

This is either the actual weight or the dimensional weight; whichever is greater. This will be used to calculate freight charges.


Details of purchases are to be sent to us, as soon as purchases are made. Invoice should be the original invoice from the supplier detailing description of item(s), unit price and invoice subtotal. Shipments will not clear the customs department and will not be insured if invoice(s) are not sent to us no later than the day shipment arrives into Grand Cayman.

Requesting Consolidation

Requests are to be made immediately as purchases are made and all relevant invoices and tracking numbers must be provided before the request can be processed. Request and related information must be communicated before arrival of shipment in our Miami warehouse.

NCI Secure – Cargo Insurance

This is automatically applied and covers for the invoice value (limited to US$5000.00 per shipment) and duty. Contact us for special insurance arrangement if shipments value exceeds US$5000.00. Insurance only applies to shipments with declared values (by way of providing original invoices) no later than the arrival day of shipments.

Exempted Items – NCI Secure – Cargo Insurance

  • Antiques / Fine artwork: paintings, drawings, statues, rare books and other works of art
  • Fine jewelry, fine watches
  • Precious stones, diamonds
  • Precious metals and bullion (gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals or articles)
  • Money and currency in any form (including phone cards and gift cards)
  • Accounts, bills, deeds, notes, securities, stock certificates, trading stamps, valuable papers or documents, evidences of debt, letters of credit, tickets, passports, manuscripts,mechanical drawings
  • Recorded or electronic data and media
  • Contraband or property in the course of illegal transportation or trade
  • Furs / Animal Hide
  • Used household goods and personal effects
  • Perishables
  • High value consolidations of cell phones.

NCI Secure – Cargo Insurance Claims

Claims must be submitted within 48 hours of shipment landing on Grand Cayman. Claims may not be accepted if submitted outside of this time frame. Claims accepted will take approximately four (4) weeks to process and for monies to be disbursed for value of shipment and customs duty paid.

Local Storage Fees

This will apply to invoice balances for shipments that remain in our local office for five (5) days or more after shipment lands and is available to customer for collection or delivery.

Choosing Air Freight Service

We recommend clients to ship small to medium sized shipments not exceeding a chargeable weigh of 50lbs using our air freight items. See our freight charges estimator of our Shop America Air page. Clients will be responsible for all charges associated with any air freight shipment sent to the airfreight location. Shipments are sent automatically as they are received. Please verify your shipping address and ensure that larger sized shipments exceeding 50lbs are sent ocean freight. Shop America Ocean offers better rates for larger shipments.

Give Value to Shipments

Invoice value does not determine your freight charges; the weight and or dimension do. Give value to your shipments to justify incurring of international shipping fees to receive the item. See freight charges estimator on Shop America Air page.